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FCC Form 498 Updated

On November 21, 2012, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published a notice in the Federal Register that an updated version of the FCC Form 498 is now available. Starting on November 26, 2012, E-rate service providers must use the new version of the Form 498 when applying for a SPIN or making changes to contact or payment information for existing SPINs. USAC’s website provides the following summary of the changes to the Form:

    an additional field in block 3 for a company’s Federal Registration Number (FRN);

    a column for the Study Area Code Company Name in Block 8;

    the ability for a carrier to designate an alternate bank account for the payment of BEAR funds in Block 11;

    a box in Block 1 and a supplemental information sheet to allow respondents to include information about affiliates;

    an update to the Principal Communications Types in Block 14 to include additional business types as listed on the FCC Form 499-A;

    a box after every program on the form that will allow service providers to cease participation in the associated program without having to deactivate their entire SPIN.

Forms 498 submitted using the old version of the Form will be rejected. USAC’s E-file system for online filers has been updated with the new version of the Form 498.

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