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My Top Ten E-rate New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! I know I have my own personal New Year’s resolutions (which I intend to keep this year), but here are mine tied to the E-rate program.

10. I will review my technology plan and ensure it is up to date;

9. The last date to post a Form 470 for the FY 2013 is February 14, which I will not miss. Once I start receiving responses, I will wait a minimum of 28 days, follow my own state and local procurement regulations, evaluate the bid responses with cost of eligible services being the highest weighted factor, negotiate the contract, and get Board approval if needed;

8. The FY 2013 window closes on March 14. I will not miss that critical deadline, and will remember to get the Item 21 submitted at that time as well;

7. I will review the Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL) to confirm that no mistakes were made in the Form 471 data entry;

6. I will be responsive to all PIA requests and will send requested information back to the reviewer in a timely fashion;

5. I will review my Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) carefully and will appeal any denials or reductions, if warranted, within the 60 day appeal timeframe;

4. I will confirm that my school/library is CIPA compliant;

3. Once I receive my FCDL and services start, I will submit my Form 486 in a timely fashion;

2. I will review the installation and invoicing deadlines of each project to ensure that the projects are complete and invoiced within the funding year;

…and, drum roll please…..

1. I will store all my E-rate related documentation and correspondence for a five year period based on the last date of service.

Hope everyone has a successful 2013!

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