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SLD Sends ‘Form 470, No Form 471’ E-mail Reminders

On February 22, 2013, USAC sent over 25,000 reminders to E-rate applicants that have yet to file a Funding Year 2013 Form 471.  Each year, the SLD sends notifications to applicants who posted Form 470s in a timely fashion to remind them of the Form 471 deadline.  The FY 2013 Form 471 deadline is March 14, 2013.  Here is a sample “Form 470, No Form 471 Letter” that was sent via e-mail.

According to E-rate Manager®, as of February 22, 2013, 7,227 applicants have filed FY 2013 Forms 471, totaling $416.9 million.  Applicants are encouraged to file their Forms 471 as early as possible, but are reminded that they must complete any necessary contract award, negotiation, and signature processes after the Allowable Contract Date on their Forms 470 and prior to the submission of the funding request.

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