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FY2012 Per-Student Pre-Discount Funding Analysis

The E-rate program is a 15-year success story. It is helping to transform our nation’s schools by providing financial support for much needed telecommunications and Internet access services that connect our children (and their “bring your own devices”¬ù) to a world of educational resources and opportunities.

Demand for E-rate funding is growing, as is the demand for Internet access in our schools. In 2012, the total demand for funding was $5.13 billion, well over twice the available $2.34 billion. This shortfall is negatively impacting our schools, many of which lack the Internet access and Wi-Fi networks necessary to adequately serve their teachers and students. This shortfall is also impacting the functions of the E rate program itself, and it could result in changes to the E-rate program in the not too distant future.

To help program stakeholders as they consider future changes to the E-rate program, it is important to understand the program as it stands today. Funds For Learning® has prepared a first-of-its-kind analysis of the FY2012 E rate telecommunications and Internet funding requests, looking at the per student expenditures of school applicants prior to their E-rate discount. Below are a few of the major findings as calculated by location, by applicant enrollment and by discount rate:

 The full report may be found here.

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