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USAC Service Provider Training Highlights: Spring 2013

USAC's spring service provider training sessions were held in Atlanta, GA on May 7, and in Los Angeles, CA on May 9.  Registrations for both sessions were full prior to the events, and attendance at both events was high.

The format of the training session was a bit different than sessions in prior years.  After many of the USAC presentations (which were shorter in length than in previous years) participants were asked to hold discussions with their table, analyzing a set of fictional scenarios with situations that pertained to the information that had just been presented.  After the roundtable discussions, USAC would present their analysis of the mock scenario and address questions from participants.

USAC presented a wide variety of material, including a discussion of the demand for Funding Year 2013.  While USAC seemed confident that they would be able to fund compliant Priority 1 applications for FY2013, funding shortages leave Priority 2 requests – even those at the 90% level – in doubt.  USAC stated that it would still be several months before possible rollover funding may be authorized by the FCC.

It was also announced at the training session that service provider audits will begin in late spring 2013.  USAC will conduct twenty audits of service providers, concentrating primarily on the invoicing and payment process (competitive bidding and discount rate calculation will not be audited.)  The audits will be conducted as desk audits (no on-site auditors) and will concentrate on Funding Year 2010 requests.

Slide presentations used at the training sessions may be obtained on USAC's website at

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