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Let’s Meet the Challenge

Rep. Anna Eshoo, ranking member of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote an opinion piece for Politico that I could not agree with more. Our school children are learning in exciting ways, and digital technology is a key component. 

However, the E-rate program that funds the telecommunications infrastructure and allows digital education to occur desperately needs a reboot and reform to keep pace with current K-12 bandwidth demand. Rep. Eshoo and FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel put out a challenge to E-rate stakeholders:

“So before that final bell rings at the end of the school year, let’s get to work on E-Rate 2.0. Then, a year hence, as students return to school, fill the hallways and take seats in the classroom, we can put our students on course to have the skills to succeed in a world that is built on bandwidth and growing more digital every day.”

Funds For Learning® has a proposal that rises to the challenge.  In fact, Funds For Learning® will be holding a one hour seminar on Wednesday, June 19th at 2pm ET in order to have further discussions with E-rate stakeholders about our plan, which not only calls for greater flexibility in what technologies schools can purchase, but provides for more equitable E-rate funding. There are a handful of institutions that are draining the funds, but if our regulatory reforms were adopted, FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel’s capacity goals could be met.

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