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FY 2013 Application Review Analysis

Summer is now over, kids are back at school, and focus is on the E-rate program. While many FY 2013 applicants have received commitments, many are still going through the application review process. The chart below shows the number of FY 2013 Form 471 applications at the various review levels. While 22,287 applications have received a funding commitment decision letter, there is still 24,231 active applications awaiting a decision.

For Priority One-only applications:

58% of applications have completed the application review process and a funding decision has been released.

27% of applications are in the application review process and another 15% are still waiting to start the process.

For applications that include Priority Two funding requests:

45% of applications are in the application review process

55% are still waiting to start the process.

These numbers do not include applications that were certified outside of the filing window or not fully submitted to the SLD by the filing window deadline.

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