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FY 2012 Invoicing Deadline Reminder

As USAC previously announced, Funding Year 2012 invoice deadlines have automatically been extended for one year. The invoice deadline for FY 2012 recurring services has been moved from Oct. 28, 2013 to Oct. 28, 2014, and the deadline for non-recurring services will be extended from Jan. 28, 2014 to Jan. 28, 2015. While extensions will be automatically granted for invoice deadlines, installation and service delivery deadlines will not receive automatic extensions.

Based on a FY 2012 Funds For Learning analysis to date:

  • $2.8 billion has been committed for FY 2012;
  • 14,307 applicants have received FCDL’s and filed BEARS for a total of $839.5 million worth of commitments;
  • 16,197 applicants have received FCDL’s and had their service providers file SPIS for a total of $1.17 billion worth of commitments

As a reminder, 10,856 applicants have received their FCDL’s, but have not filed for any reimbursement for a total of $795.8 million worth of commitments. While USAC has extended the invoicing deadlines, the sooner reimbursement forms are filed with USAC, the sooner the disbursements will flow to districts. Applicants can either pay their service providers 100 percent and file the BEAR (Form 472), or they can ask their service providers to provide discounted invoices and the service providers will need to get reimbursed by submitting the SPI (Form 474).

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