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FCC Releases Public Notice on FCC Process Reform

On February 14, 2014, the FCC released a Public Notice designed to improve the efficiency in which the FCC operates.  There are over 150 recommendations for process reform that cover many topics.  This could impact E-rate stakeholders and the FCC is asking for organizations, institutions or anyone involved in dealing with the FCC to respond with feedback by March 31, 2014.  

The FCC receives hundreds of appeals annually and there currently is a backlog in which the FCC is working through.  One such recommendation that the FCC would like stakeholders to respond to is tied to the appeal process.  Currently,  applicants or service providers have an option of appealing adverse decisions to either USAC or the FCC.  The FCC would like feedback on whether all appeals should first be directed toward USAC seeking a resolution before appealing to the FCC.

The docket number is GN Docket No. 14-25 and anyone wishing to comment can file electronically on the FCC website.

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