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Second Bout of Denial Waves, Third largest

USAC’s decision to deny all Priority Two funding requests for Funding Year 2013 continues to prove historic with today’s bout of denials.

Amounting to more than 634.2 million dollars, today’s denial wave for P2 services charts the top ten list of Priority Two denials at number three. This comes one week following the highest grossing P2 denial wave in the history of the program at over 1.2 billion dollars.

Last month the FCC authorized USAC to deny all Funding Year 2013 Priority Two funding requests at the 90 percent discount level which eliminated all support for second priority requests, as the 89 percentile level and below had already been denied funding.  

Looking beyond the numbers, these denials affect schools and libraries seeking support for any project considered internal connections or basic maintenance under the program’s current priority system. Any applicant that cannot afford these types of projects without the assistance of the E-rate program will have to seek funds from other sources or will be unable to move forward with any venture that requires P2 goods or services for FY13.

The following table highlights the top ten P2 denial waves from the program’s inception through today’s Wave 42.

Top 10 Priority 2 Denial Waves

Funding wave reports are available on

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