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FFL Proposes Standards for E-rate E-Filing

In support of E-rate reform efforts, Funds For Learning has developed and submitted a proposal to the FCC for the adoption of third-party electronic filing and data transfer standards. Similar to the current IRS system that supports e-filing of tax paperwork, this open standard would allow third-parties to create software and tools that help E-rate applicants prepare and submit their E-rate paperwork electronically.

As described in today’s formally submitted Ex Parte presentation to the FCC, E-rate e-filing would leverage established information technology industry protocols in order to:

  • Bring about new and improved E-rate paperwork solutions
  • Give applicants greater freedom to select tools and choose approaches that best suit their specific needs
  • Promote reliable online tools that leverage the most current Internet technologies

According to Brian Guire, Vice President of Funds For Learning, “Upcoming changes to the E-rate program rules combined with USAC’s need to update its existing I.T. infrastructure, make this the ideal time for the FCC to make this change.”

Funds For Learning anticipates that e-filing would save USAC time and money, tighten security on the internal USAC systems, and allow USAC staff to focus on its core mission of reviewing applications, processing paperwork, and auditing for compliance.

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