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Funds For Learning and E-rate Reform Coalition Reply Comments

Funds For Learning has submitted further comments for the E-rate 2.0 public record, in direct response to the March 6, 2014 FCC Public Notice which sought additional comments from stakeholders on a few topics.

The E-rate Reform Coalition has also submitted Reply Comments to the FCC, supporting an equitable funding stream and the elimination of the priority system in order to provide applicants with greater purchasing flexibility. The Reform Coalition’s original response to the FCC’s NPRM can be found here.

Funds For Learning has been advocating that applicants have a better understanding of their local telecommunications and networking than the FCC and that local decision-makers are already motivated to upgrade their network capabilities, due to the high expectations of their constituents, regardless of additional pressure from the FCC.

The Funds For Learning proposal provides flexibility to schools and libraries and is unique in specifically supporting small and rural schools with additional spending and protections.

Stakeholders can visit the FCC website to view comments, under docket number 13-184.

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