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Thank You, Senator Rockefeller

Senator Rockefeller (D-WV) is retiring from the Senate after decades of public service.  He was deeply involved in updating the nation’s telecommunications laws in 1996 and coauthored the legislation that updated the Universal Service Fund to include schools and libraries.  Senator Rockefeller has been a tireless advocate and champion for connecting schools and libraries in the digital age and he deserves the thanks of all in the education community.

On December 4, 2014 Senator Rockefeller reflected on his time in the Senate and stated:

The E-Rate has proved essential and exceptional in linking up schools and libraries to the Internet. The E-Rate has democratized access to brighter futures and better technology. The E-rate is the only technology that has been deployed as fast in poor neighborhoods as it has in rich ones.Congressional Record (S6332 December 4, 2014)

Universal Service support for schools and libraries, commonly known as the E-rate program, has been a tremendous success. As the FCC considers a $1.5 billion increase to the fund, I am sure Senator Rockefeller is pleased that his legislative legacy will continue to live on for 21st Century learners of all ages.

Thank you, Senator Rockefeller.

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