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470s Submissions Accelerate and Other Updates

The count of form 470s submitted for FY2016 increased by 36% this past week. To date, it was the single biggest week for FY2016, and the first week to show true signs of activity remotely similar to prior years. 

USAC Reviews Continue, Pace of Funding Declines
For the past 5 weeks, the pace of funding commitments has slowed to an average of $54.8 million per week. This is about half the pace seen in the weeks leading up to the end of September, the FCC’s “deadline” for FY2015 funding commitments. 

This slower pace of funding commitments should not be interpreted as a reduction in USAC’s efforts. On the contrary, much of the remaining $1.16 billion in funding requests is tied up in more complicated applications that require more work by USAC (and applicants.) These applications often times represent higher dollar purchases that require special reviews, or encompass unique circumstances, some of which may even require FCC rule clarifications.

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