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FCC Releases October E-rate Appeal Decisions

On October 30, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission released several appeal decisions related to the E-rate program. The FCC granted 21 appeals and waivers, while denying 8 appeals.

Successful appeals and waiver requests were related to the following topics:

  • Discount Calculation
  • Waiver of Price as Primary Factor Requirement: Applicant Selected Lowest-price Solution
  • Failure to Timely Respond to USAC with Information
  • Service Provider Involvement
  • Invoice Deadline Extension Requests Less Than 12 Months Late
  • Service Implementation Delay
  • Late-Filed FCC Form 471 Applications Filed within 14 days of the Close of the Window
  • Service Substitution
  • Signed Contract Requirement
  • Technology Plan Requirement
  • Violation of Competition Bidding 28-day Rule

Appeals were denied regarding the following issues:

  • Ineligible Entities
  • Failure to Maintain and Provide Copies of Bids or Other Documentation in Support of Bid Evaluation Process
  • Late-Filed FCC Form 471 Applications


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