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RFPs Surge, Funding Requests Languish

The final count of FY2016 E-rate RFPs, also known as Form 470s, passed 35,000 with a last minute surge of applications last week.  April 1 was the deadline for E-rate applicants to publish requests for proposals. Calculated based on an April 29 due date for funding requests, this extended deadline gave applicants about 6 weeks more time than normal to complete their RFPs. 

Faced with early roadblocks from EPC, applicants benefited greatly from the extra time they were given to submit the Form 470s.

Slow Pace of Form 471 Applications
Meanwhile, the pace of funding requests stands at an all-time low. The count of Form 471 applications stands at 8,453, compared to 19,740 at the same point in the filing window last year. The slow pace is widely attributed to the challenges applicants face using the EPC system.


If the extra time provided for Form 470 applications is any indication, applicants would benefit from more time, perhaps six weeks or more, to clear the EPC juggernaut.

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