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Upcoming EPC Improvements

Applicants have been experiencing problems with the SLD’s new E-rate filing portal, EPC, since its launch in July 2015. USAC recently announced the extension of the FY2016 filing window in order to insure that applicants were able to submit their funding applications.  More time has been given so that USAC can deliver several important fixes that are necessary for applicants to use the system.  USAC has released a list of 10 items they are hoping to fix in the near term future. For example, the PDF version of the Form 471 application is missing data or displays inaccurate information, making it difficult for an applicant to confirm the accuracy of their funding requests. One of the SLD’s stated objectives is to make sure that the PDF version is accurate and not missing any data.

The entire list of USAC's intended improvements can be viewed on USAC's website. 

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