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Surge of 471s Expected

As the new deadline for schools to submit FY2016 applications approaches, the question on many minds is whether or not the EPC system can withstand an anticipated surge of applications during the last few days of the filing window. Each year, the count of posted Form 471s increases dramatically as the deadline draws near. For example, in 2015 more than a third of applications were submitted during the last five days of the filing period. In some years, this has led to system slowdowns and in some cases even outages

After slowing down last week the pace of Form 471s picked back up again this week. When taking into account the revised May 26 deadline for schools, this places the pace of FY2016 Form 471s slightly ahead of FY2015 at this same point 26 days from the deadline. That is good news because schools and school districts represent 87% of applicants, meaning that the vast majority of applications must still be filed by the end of May.

As applicants press forward towards the end of the filing window, all eyes are on EPC to see how well the system handles the upcoming rush of Form 471s. 

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