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USAC Service Provider Call Notes July 2016

USAC’s Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) hosts monthly Service Provider conference calls, providing information and guidance for vendors participating in the E-rate program. Here are highlights from the July 6, 2016 service provider webinar:
  1. Funding Commitments for FY2016 and FY2015
    • FY2016 – Issued 2 waves since last call
      • Wave 001 – 6/16/16 – $17.74 M
      • Wave 002 – 7/13/16 – $14.4 M
    • FY2015 – Issued 5 waves since last call
      • Wave 052 – 6/3/16 – $3.61 M
      • Wave 053 – 6/9/16 – $0.62 M
      • Wave 054 – 6/15/16 – $5.99 M
      • Wave 055 – 6/23/16 – $3.69 M
      • Wave 056 – 6/30/16 – $8.30 M
  2.  Invoicing Update
    • $229,442,236.66 payments for June against requests for 274 M
    • In total, 13,037 invoices process for 1,833 service providers
    • 55,507 lines in June with 96% completed in 30 days
    • 2,871 lines in process as of July 6th
    • Top 5 reasons for rejection
      • Possible invoice duplication
      • Total commitment paid
      • Invalid SPIN and/or FRN
      • Discount amount billed not valid
      • Bill date before the actual start date
    • FCC Form 473 is now in E-file
      • Upon login, FCC Form 473 is in the same panel as the online BEAR and Item 21
      • Allows entry of a FY that certifications are needed
    • Paper FCC Forms 473 no longer accepted
      • Paper forms sent to USAC with FY2016 will be discarded
      • Over 300 service providers have successfully filed their SPAC for their missing years and the current year
    • Invoicing process is now online
      • All invoices, for all fund years, are handled in the legacy invoice system
      • The electronic version of the FCC Form 474 remains the same
    • Service providers no longer certify BEAR forms
      • Access to the online BEAR remains
      • Tracking tool available to view actions taken by customer
      • If there is a difference between the information your customer submitted and the bills you sent/paid, work with the customer and USAC to resolve the difference you can call 888-213-8100 for assistance on this matter
    • Last service provider pass-thru payment is July 14, 2016 (for BEARs approved June 30, the last day of the old process)
      • Some remaining items from the old system
      • Last transfers follow the two week hold so you may determine where to send the funds
    • USAC contacting applicants with approved payments but no FCC Form 498
      • Enables USAC to pass approved payments from pre-July 1 BEARs to applicants
      • Will receive funds if they’ve already filed FCC Form 498
      • Notification process for the 498 – USAC will email them notifying it has been approved
Q: When searching for FCC Forms 470 in the new EPC system, would it be possible to allow us to search for all states at once instead of just five states at a time?
A: When this was set up, there were not many forms filed and this tool was limited to 5 states to keep the system from locking up. Currently, not a major issue but Mick agrees to look into this and see if there is a possibility.

Q: Is there a way, or will there be a way to download FY2016 funding commitments by SPIN? If so, where and how?
A: FY2016 presently this is not a possibility. The tool is not yet ready, will be at least a month. However, until this is ready USAC is posting this information in an excel format where you can search for the information this way for now. 

Note: The summary above is not the official minutes from the webinar, but simply notes from Funds For Learning.
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