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New Invoice Deadline Extension Tool

USAC has released a new Invoice Deadline Extension tool today. The new tool is housed under the BEAR Online System and within E-File System for Applicants and Service Providers respectively. This tool provides an easier method for Applicants and Service Providers to request a one-time 120-day Invoice Extension since it automatically approves or denies a request.

Once users have provided the login information, there is a new Deadline Extension link. Here a user can enter an FRN, view the details, and submit a request. If a user has more than one FRN to apply for an extension, a request must be submitted for each one. An automatic approval/denial message is sent via email, for each request. If approved, an FRN is automatically added to the FRN Extension Table.

There are several reasons why a request may be denied, which include: FRN fully utilized, 120-day extension request already granted, or the last date to invoice has already passed; just to name a few. (if you missed the deadline you’ll need to file a waiver with the FCC for consideration).

If for some reason an Applicant is not able to use this new tool, for instance: user doesn’t have an online PIN, the old Submit a Question method can be utilized. The old method will not generate automatic notification of approval/denial; however, multiple FRNs can be submitted at once. Users should state, under the “Questions” field, that they would like an Invoice Deadline Extension on the specified FRN(s). 

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