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2017 Form 471 Window Open Feb 27-May 11

USAC has announced the dates of the FY2017 Form 471 application window.
2017 Form 471 Filing Window
Open: February 27 at noon EST
Close: May 11 at 11:59pm EDT
Other dates related to the filing window:
  • February 26 is the deadline to make edits to site entity information stored in EPC.
  • April 13 is the deadline to post a Form 470.
Form 471 Submission
The Form 471 filing window is scheduled to be open for 73 days. The start date of February 27, 2017, is the latest that the window has ever opened; however, USAC has scheduled the window to be two weeks shorter than last year’s. More information about the prior filing window dates can be found in this analysis.
Form 470 Submission
Form 470s should be posted no later than April 13, 2017. The deadline to seek bids via the Form 470 process is closely related to the Form 471 filing window. Applicants are required to seek bids and wait 28-days prior to awarding a contract. To meet the minimum required time and still submit a Form 471 by May 11, 2017, requires a de facto April 13, 2017, filing deadline for Form 470s.
Updating Site Profile
Applicants will have until February 26, 2017, to update their site entity profile information stored in EPC. USAC has unlocked the site information and applicants are encouraged to review the list of sites and related information available in EPC. This profile data will be locked at the beginning of the Form 471 filing window in order to allow library systems and consortia the opportunity to submit their funding requests at the same time as other applicants.
In announcing the filing window, USAC acknowledged the EPC challenges that the stakeholders faced in FY2016 and indicated it was looking forward to making FY2017 and beyond a simpler, faster and more efficient experience. USAC specifically pointed out that:
  1. They anticipate a single filing window for 2017 and better prioritization of application processing so funding decisions are provided in a timelier manner.
  2. Applicants will recognize the flow of the online application process, and further enhancements will be available including the "Copy My FRN" feature along with the templates for uploads of large entries. This will assist all applicants.
  3. Along with continued enhanced stakeholder education and outreach, the formation of a stakeholder innovation group who will provide guidance and feedback on the design of a new applicant portal.
USAC also expressed their gratitude to the stakeholders for their continued cooperation, patience and understanding.
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