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Competitive Bidding Reminders

Following the FY2017, Thursday, April 13th, Form 470 deadline, USAC has provided competitive bidding reminders to applicants in their weekly news brief. USAC pointed out that they are providing the reminders to help applicants through the remainder of the competitive bidding process. Some of the reminders that applicants should consider include: 
  • Wait the full 28 days.
  • Upload your RFP and RFP documents to your FCC Form 470.
  • You may need to restart your 28-day clock.
  • Conduct an open and fair competitive bidding process.
  • Do not accept gifts from service providers.
  • Answer questions from potential bidders.
  • Follow your state and local competitive bidding rules.
  • Give the highest point value in your evaluation to the price of eligible products and services.
  • Make sure your disqualification factors, if you have any, are binary.
  • Review USAC's state master contract guidance.
Detailed competitive bidding reminders in USAC’s news brief can be viewed here.
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