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Celebrating Digital Learning Day 2018

February 22, 2018, was the seventh annual Digital Learning Day which continues to be led by the Alliance for Excellent Education. Digital Learning Day celebrates how educators and students are using technology in the classroom to enhance learning experiences. The Alliance for Excellent Education hosted a webinar that highlighted a new report called Blending Teaching and Technology: Simple Strategies for Improved Student Learning. While Digital Learning Day events were being hosted around the country, many school technology directors were working on last minute Form 470s which starts the E-rate procurement and competitive bidding cycle. The last date that districts could post FY 2018 Form 470s was February 22, 2018 as the Form 471 deadline is March 22. Unfortunately, districts that filed their Form 470s on February 22 will have one day to evaluate bids, negotiate agreements, possibly get Board approval for contracts and submit their Form 471 application.

Upon reflection of Digital Learning Day, it is important to note how successful the E-rate program is in its core mission to connect our schools and public libraries to high speed broadband connections. Without the E-rate program, it is likely that many of the new learning technologies would not exist and our nation students would not be as prepared to enter today’s global job market.

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