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Applicants Await FY18 Funding Decisions

Over 9,600 schools and libraries have funding year 2018 funding applications designated as “Wave Ready” in the USAC system. These applications total $509.3 million and represent applicants of all types, in all states, and funding requests from both Category 1 and Category 2 services. Although these are not officially funded yet, their “Wave Ready” status is a positive indicator that the first funding wave of FY2018 may come much sooner, for more applicants, and include significantly more funds than we have seen in several years.

The first funding wave of 2017 came in mid-May, just 36 days before the start of the funding year, and included commitments totaling $48.6 million. This was a modest improvement over funding year 2016, but fell far short of earlier years in which more dollars were committed much sooner. As illustrated in this prior analysis, first funding waves can come earlier (i.e. 60+ days prior to the start of the funding year) and be much larger (i.e. $200+ million).

Please join Funds For Learning on April 25 as we take an in-depth look at the composition and status of the funding year 2018 applications. Registration information is available here.

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