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Thanks for Listening, USAC

The annual applicant E-rate training events that are presented live by USAC employees wrapped up last week with the final event in Atlanta, GA. Continuing to provide live training to E-rate applicants provides more opportunity for interactive questions and an environment that encourages discussion. Although these events take effort to coordinate and require time investments from both USAC and school district and library system employees, they continue to be a good learning resource and growth opportunity for the E-rate applicant community.

This year, in addition to the training that USAC hosted in DC, these events were hosted at state facilities in Illinois, California, Nebraska and Georgia. On behalf of applicants nationwide, we would like to offer thanks to these states for providing venues to allow for these E-rate training events to take place. Personally, I found the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center that hosted our training event to be a wonderful venue with comfortable seating and convenient meeting space.

The E-rate applicant community also owes thanks to USAC for continuing to offer these live training events in addition to their webinar training series. Hopefully, those long hours on the road and at a podium will pay dividends with applicants that are well informed and prepared for the upcoming filing window. Now that the training events are wrapped up, we hope you can take a rest and enjoy the holidays with your family. Thank you for listening to the E-rate community and providing training opportunities.

The E-rate program is worthwhile for the benefits that it ultimately provides to our students, library patrons and educators nationwide (including the four I hold dear in my household), but it can also be daunting, time-consuming and complex. Continued training can help ease the pressure of the E rate application process and help to unravel the ins-and-outs of the program. If you haven’t already, please take the time to sign up for our free E-rate survival kit, which includes a ticket for a free E-rate training webinar hosted by Funds For Learning.

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