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USAC Commits to Improved Service

In the December 7, 2018 USAC New Brief, USAC committed to “serv(ing) participants better by adding extra applicant and service provider support, transitioning our E-rate business process operations and implementing enhancements to create a better experience for the E-rate community.”

This announcement is coming on the heels of USAC replacing Solix with MAXIMUS as the contractor responsible for handling the commitment and post commitment application and invoicing. Solix had provided this service since 1998. 

In the announcement, USAC addresses this transition stating that they have “expanded (their) participant support teams” and are working to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
USAC also indirectly addresses some of the issues that have challenged applicants in 2018. In addition to providing additional applicant and service-provider support, USAC also committed to providing additional information to applicants with open applications, invoices and post-commitment requests. 

The transition to MAXIMUS will be complete on January 1, 2019 and most program participants will not see a change in their E-rate experience, though USAC hopes that they will “see customer service improvements”.

The full USAC News Brief is available here.

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