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13% of FY18 Funds Pending, 752 Applicants

Although the funding year 2019 filing window has opened, a significant number of applications from the previous year are still under review. More than $350 million in funding year 2018 funding requests are pending at USAC:
  • 752 applicants (3.6% of applicants in FY2018) are waiting for decisions
  • $356 million (12.9% of funds requested in FY2018) is on hold
Long delays are difficult for applicants. Entering the eighth month of the funding year, many of them are balancing unexpected delays and cash flow challenges, along with the difficulty of preparing the funding year 2019 application with questions still pending from last year. 
  • 70% of the pending funds are for Category One fiber-optic based data services.
  • 52% of the pending funds are tied to consortium applications.
The charts and table below illustrate the breakdown of the pending requests by service and applicant type. A full list of the applicants with pending applications is available for download here.
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