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Celebrating Digital Learning Day

February 28, 2019, is the eighth annual Digital Learning Day. Digital Learning Day celebrates how educators and students are using technology in the classroom to enhance learning experiences and while Digital Learning Day events are being hosted around the country, many school technology directors are working toward completing the FY2019 Form 471 E-rate applications. The FY2019 Form 471 deadline is March 27. Already 7,858 schools and libraries around the country have posted Form 471 applications totaling $571 million.
Upon reflection of Digital Learning Day, I am looking forward to working with the FCC and other stakeholders in reforming the E-rate program even further. While it is exciting to see how districts are meeting the broadband connectivity goals, the rules, regulations and guidance continue to need to be streamlined as the program is still too bureaucratic. The E-rate program is one of the most successful federal programs and the funding stream helps prepare our nation’s students to compete in today’s global market.
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Our mission is to provide high-quality consulting and support services for the needs of E-rate program participants. We consult with applicants to help them understand, effectively utilize, and maintain compliance with E-rate rules and regulations. We help prepare and submit paperwork, and interact with program administrators on our clients’ behalf.

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