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Executive Order Blocks Tech Deemed Risky

On May 15, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order that would give the government authority to block transactions that involve information, communications technology or a telecommunications company that potentially pose an “unacceptable risk” to the national security of the United States which many tech analysts believe is aimed at Huawei, the Chinese Manufacture. The FCC is still evaluating the “…use of universal service support to purchase equipment or services from any communications equipment or service providers identified as posing a national security risk to communications networks or the communications supply chain” which could negatively impact Huawei as well.

According to a Funds For Learning analysis on all the Category Two projects in FY 2019, no applicant requested any Huawei product. FCC Chairman Pai’s statement regarding President Trump’s Executive Order can be viewed here.

President Trump’s Executive Order can be viewed here.
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