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Urge Congress to Act Now

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to keep our community members connected to the Internet has never been clearer. Funds For Learning estimates there are 7.15 million families in the United States who cannot afford Internet access. Now, under orders to stay home, millions of K-12 students are cut off from their school, teachers, educational resources and classmates. They cannot attend online class, take tests or turn in assignments because they don’t have Wi-Fi. Swift and decisive action is needed to support these students and to correct this situation.

You can help by signing this petition. With financial support from Congress and swift action by the Federal Communications Commission, we can get all K-12 students connected. The E-rate program can distribute funds quickly and safeguard them to ensure that every dollar is spent to connect students and teachers. Please sign and share the petition today. Our collective voice can make a difference for millions of students.
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