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FCC Grants EPC Waiver

On August 17, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission issued an Order granting an applicant the opportunity to make ministerial and clerical error corrections due to confusion stemming from USAC’s transition to the E-rate Productivity Center portal.  In Funding Year 2016, Sioux Falls School District 49-5 inadvertently placed a discounted amount on the application in the pre-discount data field, causing the discount to be deducted twice.
“As a result,” stated the Commission, “Sioux Falls received a funding commitment from USAC for an amount far less than it had intended to request.”
After several failed attempts to resolve the error, the applicant appealed the decision to the FCC.  Stating that “funding year 2016 was an especially confusing year for applicants applying for E-Rate funding given the transition to the EPC platform,” the FCC granted the applicant’s waiver request, remanding the application back to USAC and allowing an opportunity to correct the original clerical error.
The FCC’s Sioux Falls decision may be found here.
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