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FY2021 Procurement Slows

The deadline to file FCC Forms 470 while still allowing 28 days for competitive bidding before the projected close of the FY2021 Form 471 filing window was February 25, 2021.  In total, more than 24,000 470s were filed nationwide, representing a decline of approximately 5% from 470s filed for (the first) FY2020 application window. 

While the count of Forms 470 was not quite at FY2020 levels, it remains to be seen what effect – if any – the decline will have on overall funding requested for FY2021.  In cases where applicants procured multi-year contracts in prior years, we would expect their Form 471 funding applications to be consistent with (if not increased from) amounts requested in prior years even though they would not have a 470 represented in the FY2021 form counts.

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