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Biden Urged to Nominate FCC Commissioner

On June 11, 2021, Universal Service Fund (USF) stakeholders sent a letter to the White House urging the President and Vice-President to nominate a fifth commissioner to ensure a fully functional Federal Communications Commission. The letter noted that, “…Given the legislative calendar and the diminishing number of days for hearings and confirmation votes, we have reached a critical point to guarantee the agency charged with ensuring affordable communications access can do its work during your administration. Failing to nominate a fifth commissioner leaves the FCC less than fully operational and limits its capacity to most effectively:

  • Remedy previous neglect of the Lifeline program that supports low-income access to
  • Create rules to make our nation’s networks more reliable and resilient;
  • Help guide the deployment of new broadband infrastructure built with federal dollars to
    make it as effective as possible;
  • Approve emergency waivers for E-rate funded infrastructure to be opened up for
    remote education;
  • Meet the challenge of the 2018 Broadcast Ownership Quadrennial Review and halt the
    dangerous trend towards consolidated ownership in broadcasting by reasserting
    principles of localism, competition and ownership diversity; and
  • Reclassify broadband internet access as a Title II service to ensure fair and equitable
    access for everyone and to reinstate strong net neutrality protections….”

The letter to White House can be viewed here

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