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Steps to Take Before ECF Filing Window Opens

The ECF filing window opens June 29th, which is right around the corner. If you are new to E-rate, there are several steps you can take today, as outlined below.

  1. If you are already an E-rate participant and have an account in EPC, you will get access to the new ECF portal with your existing EPC Credentials and you don’t need to set up an Entity Profile.
  2. If you are brand new to the E-rate program:
    1. Obtain an FCC Registration Number and register with the System for Awards Management (SAM)
      1. If you have already registered with both the FCC and, check to ensure your registration has not expired or will not expire in the near future.
      2. An FCC Registration number can be obtained by visiting the FCC’s Commission Registration System (CORES) and complete the process. If your organization has an existing FCC Registration Number, you do not need to register again.
    2. Create an EPC Account for your entity or company.
  1. If you are new to E-rate, you will need to set up an Entity Profile
    1. To apply for and receive Emergency Connectivity Fund Program dollars, participants will need an ECF portal account. The portal is what allows participants to manage the program process.
    2. To create the ECF portal account, USAC will use your new or existing credentials for the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC)
    3. USAC will automatically transfer your EPC Account information to create an account in the ECF portal.
  2. If your entity or company has an EPC account, but you need to create a new user, there are several steps you can take.
    1. Your EPC account administrator can set up new users in EPC
    2. Once your account administrator has added you as a new user on your entity or company account, USAC will send you a new user email with a link to reset your account password.
    3. If you need assistance with your EPC account, contact the Emergency Connectivity Fund Customer Support Center, once it is available.

The filing window will close August 13th. Be sure to get started now to take part in this short filing window. The filing and reimbursement windows are both short, so gathering all documentation before/or at any time filing the application is strongly encouraged.

Source of Content:  USAC ECF Program Overview Webinar PowerPoint Slides released June 16th – available for public use.
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