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No Home Left Offline Initiative Launched

Having a reliable internet connection is almost as important as having electricity – a fact the pandemic has made clear to everyone. More than ever, it is well understood that people need a connection in order to … well, in order to do just about anything these days. But there is a gap between needing internet access and having it. Millions of Americans still lack adequate means to get online. This limits their ability to work and learn, stifles their growth, and reduces everyone’s quality of life. The digital divide can and should be eradicated.

Fortunately, momentum is building to fully address this challenge. Federal programs are being crafted to bridge the gap, and FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel has expressed her unwavering commitment to the cause. Stepping into this moment in time is another familiar voice: EducationSuperHighway.

This group was instrumental in reforming the E-rate program, encouraging lower prices for broadband, and getting every classroom connected to the internet. Now, in its second act, EducationSuperhighway (ESH) has launched a No Home Left Offline initiative. ESH aims to remove the barriers that keep households offline, and it has even provided us all a roadmap for how to accomplish this.


There may not be one simple solution to closing the Digital Divide, but if we all do our part, I believe that together we can help connect every household in America. EducationSuperHighway is leading by example. What will you do to help?

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