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Motion for Extension of Time on Proposed E-rate Bidding Rules

On March 4, 2022, twenty-seven E-rate stakeholder organizations led by State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance (SECA) filed a motion for extension of time with the FCC on proposed E-rate competitive bidding rules. The stakeholders are requesting a 30-day extension of the comment deadline and a 30-day extension of the reply comment deadline. They argued that “… All E-rate stakeholders devote considerable time and resources to E-rate bid preparation, Form 470 posting, bid responses, bid evaluation and Form 471 filing during the filing window. Precious little time is available to address NPRM issues during the filing window. An extension will provide sufficient time for parties to analyze the myriad of issues and questions raised in the NPRM, and meaningfully address them in their comments.”

The stakeholders’ motion for extension of time can be viewed here

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