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$1.5 Billion E-rate Committed at Record Pace

Each E-rate funding year begins on July 1, and it is helpful for applicants to know as soon as possible if they will be receiving support. As of May 20, 2022, more than $1.5 billion of E-rate funding has been committed for funding year 2022. This is a record amount of support to be awarded so early, prior to the start of a funding year.

Looking back over the twenty-five-year history of the E-rate program, there have only been two years in which more than a billion dollars has been awarded by the third week of May (2021 and 2022); there have been thirteen years in which funding less than a billion dollars has been awarded by this time; and ten years in which no funds had been awarded.

USAC should be commended for the record pace with which it is releasing funding commitments in 2022.

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