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E-rate Survey Closing: Last Chance to Impact Policy

Informed decision making is an important principle of effective leadership. It means gathering available facts and information for the purpose of making a good choice.

When it comes to the E-rate funding program, there are a multitude of decisions made at the federal, state, and local level. All these decisions are more likely to be effective when they are based on informed opinions, not just impressions or wild guesses.

That is the principle behind the annual E-rate applicant survey. It is an opportunity to gather and share objective information about the state of the E-rate program. In its twelfth year, the survey is an industry-wide initiative to bring accurate data to the forefront of all E-rate decision making.

This year’s survey will close June 30, 2022, and every school and library official involved in the E-rate program is encouraged to take it. The FCC is considering dramatic changes to the E-rate program, and it is critical that they hear directly from applicants about these potential changes — and the survey is the easiest way to do that. Please take the survey or share it with someone who can:

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