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In Appreciation of CIOs

On July 22, the Funds For Learning E-rate Guides had the honor of hosting an interview session with Cory Boggs, Chief Information Technology Officer at Putnam City Schools in Oklahoma City. Mr. Boggs talked with us about the wide range of responsibilities he holds and how the use of technology in the classroom has evolved during his time at the district, providing an exciting glimpse into the use of technology at Putnam City. His district is able to offer a broad range of educational opportunities, including video game design, aviation, esports, and digital arts curriculums.

Mr. Boggs’ district comprises an extremely diverse range of students from differing socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, and he shared with us the challenges associated with off-campus connectivity both during the COVID pandemic and continuing today. We also talked about the importance of cybersecurity in school districts as both the threats and mitigation tactics increase in complexity.

Mr. Boggs also shared with us the impact that the E-rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund programs have on his district, providing critical funding resources to support the connectivity and infrastructure that Putnam City’s educational and operational initiatives depend on. We thank Mr. Boggs for the time he took out of his day to share his commitment, passion, and challenges as he works to make a positive impact in the lives of Putnam City’s students and staff!

E-rate Guides Listening in on an Interview Session with Mr. Cory Boggs, Chief Information Technology Officer, Putnam City Schools in Oklahoma City
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