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Summer Deferral for FY2022 PIA Review Ends Today

The Summer Deferral period ends today, September 9, 2022. Summer Deferral period is normally the Friday before Memorial Day through Friday after Labor Day. During the Summer Deferral period, an E-rate application is placed on hold if the contact person listed on the application or someone else designated to respond to PIA questions cannot be reached by the reviewer. Additionally, applicants have an option to request their application be placed on Summer Deferral status if they are unavailable to answer PIA questions during that period.

As of September 9, 2022, there were a total of 1,015 FY2022 requests that had a Summer Deferral status, which amounts to $94.1 million. Of the 1,015 requests, 624 were Internet Access requests totaling $61.7 million, 256 requests were Internal Connections totaling $30.6 million, 87 Managed Broadband totaling $1.1 million, and 48 were Basic Maintenance requests which amounts to $0.7 million.

Applicants with current application status of Summer Deferral are encouraged to be responsive to review questions to avoid E-rate funding commitment delays.

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