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Share Your Views on K-12 Cybersecurity Now

Schools and libraries, the E-rate program needs your help! The Federal Communications Commission has an open call for comments for the public on the topic of cybersecurity and the E-rate program. Should the E-rate’s Eligible Services List include next-generation firewalls or even more advanced network security components? How would that change impact school and library networks? What would it cost the program to expand the menu of eligible services?

You have a unique opportunity to influence E-rate program policy by sharing your cybersecurity opinions and experiences with the FCC. The process is simple, and you can find instructions for submitting comments here. Initial comments are due by February 13, and you can also voice support for others’ comments through March 30.

For more detail about the FCC’s request for comment, you can also view the recording of our January 31 webinar by clicking here.

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