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Commitments for Workable Applications Hit Three Year Low

As of August 31, 2023, the Universal Service Administrative Company had issued $2.01B in funding commitments for FY2023 applications. In total, USAC had issued funding decisions for almost 86% of the funding requests submitted in FY2023 by August 31, representing approximately 70% of the dollars requested.

In its 2014 E-rate Modernization Order, the Federal Communications Commission directed USAC to “aim to issue funding commitments or denials for all ‘workable’ funding requests by September 1st of each funding year.”  Defining a “workable” application as one which is “filed timely and is complete, with all necessary information, to enable a reviewer to make the appropriate funding decision, and the applicant, provider, and any consultants are not subject to investigation, audit, or other similar reason for delay in a funding decision,” the FCC established the September 1 benchmark in an effort to “increase the timeliness of funding commitment decisions.”

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