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The 14th Annual Applicant Survey Coming Soon

Every year, following the close of the filing window, Funds For Learning, launches their annual applicant survey. The annual survey is designed to gather feedback and insight from schools and libraries who participate in the E-rate program. The survey responses serve as a catalyst for discussion, new ideas, and ultimately, further improvements to this vital program. The 14th annual survey will launch soon!

Where do I take the survey?
The survey will be available online soon

Why should I take the time?
Without your direct input, policy makers must guess what you think is working and what could be improved. It’s better to let them know your thoughts. Plus, taking the survey is much quicker than preparing your own formal filing to the FCC.

What difference does it make?
The FCC has made it clear that improvements are needed. Your opinion can influence the changes coming in FY2025 and beyond.

Who reads the survey results?
The survey data is compiled and submitted into the official docket for review by FCC staff; it is also circulated to Congressional offices and to the media; and, of course, it is shared with the general public. You can view results from last year’s survey here.

How do I know my responses are confidential?
This will be our 14th national survey of E-rate applicants. Individual results have never been shared with USAC or the FCC, and the data is only used for research and analysis.

Who should take the survey?
The survey is intended for E-rate applicants. The more applicants who participate, the greater the impact of the survey. Last year, more than 2,100 applicants shared their opinions.

Help shape the future of the E-rate program.

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