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$25K Average Cyber Funding Available

How much can schools and libraries expect to receive if they participate in the Cybersecurity Pilot? On average, applicants can expect to qualify for $25,530. For applicants accepted into the pilot program, actual qualification amounts will vary significantly from $10K – $800K based on their size.

The tables below detail the possible average potential requested amounts by discount band and student count or site ranges:

Total Demand for Pilot Program Could Be $823.4M

Applicant funding requests for the proposed cybersecurity pilot program are limited by budgets based on their size. If every school and library were to apply for the pilot, the total maximum demand would be $823,394,692.

The total breakdown, by applicant type and discount, is listed below.

The discount rate is important to consider because it will be used to prioritize applications for the pilot. Applicants who qualify for a 90% E-rate discount will have priority to participate in the pilot program.

The FCC is set to vote on the cybersecurity pilot program on June 6.

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