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Over $10M FY2023 Requests Lack Form 486

For Funding Year 2023, there are still 304 applicants with 529 funding requests totaling over $10M that do not have a Form 486 filed. 

While it is still early in the process for FY 2024, now is the time to begin preparing to complete these forms.  Applicants have 120 days after the service start date or FCDL date, whichever is later, to complete this form. 

However, applicants can file this form early if:

  • They have received their FCDL;
  • Their services will start in the month of July;
  • They can truthfully make all the certifications on the form; and
  • They are filing the form on or before July 31.

The Form 486 is the Receipt of Service Confirmation and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Certification Form. It is used to notify the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that the applicant has started receiving E-rate supported services and to certify compliance with CIPA.  USAC cannot pay for discounts on services received when applicants are not in compliance.  Filing the Form 486 late will  lead to reductions in the amount USAC can reimburse to applicants.

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