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Rosenworcel Responds to Congress’ E-rate Inquiry

On May 22, 2024, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel sent a letter to members of Congress regarding the expansion of the E-rate program to fund Wi-Fi access on school buses and the Commission’s proposal to add Wi-Fi hotspots as an E-rate eligible service.

In the letter, Rosenworcel states that “the E-rate has been a quiet powerhouse,” helping millions of students through providing schools and libraries support for high-speed internet access. The Emergency Connectivity Fund showed that even after the pandemic, high-speed internet access is “vital for access to information and educational opportunities”. She also emphasizes the importance of continuing “to adapt the E-rate program to reflect the virtual nature of today’s modern educational environment.” Read the full letter here.

With the cybersecurity pilot program vote set for next week, it begs the question, what other changes and updates can be expected for the future of the E-rate program?  What needs will the cybersecurity pilot highlight moving forward like the Emergency Connectivity Fund did for off-campus Wi-Fi access?

While the future of the Wi-Fi hotspot proposal remains unclear, we will have experts available to discuss the vote on the cybersecurity pilot at a special webinar June 12. Sign up to join us here

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