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News and Analyses and Commentaries, Oh My!

The E-rate stories on the Funds For Learning website fall into one of the three categories: news, analysis or commentary. Each of these categories serve a distinct function and knowing the difference between them will assist you in any searches for past E-rate stories, as well as help direct to you to the correct section for future postings.

News (Just the facts, ma’am.) – E-rate stories that fall into the news category aim for objectivity. Funds For Learning will cover the issue in hand, answering as many of the 5 “W’s” as possible but still simply stating the facts.  Examples of news include  filing window dates, FCC approvals and releases, eligible services lists and revisions to E-rate forms.

Analysis (Flexing our Excel muscles.) Analyses by contrast still remain factual, but delve deeper into the “why” and “how” of the news stories. Funds For Learning will often supply data (in fancy chart form) to a news item to unveil funding trends, applicant behavior, and meeting notes. Examples of analysis include service provider call notes, closer looks at funding demand , per student funding reports, and FFL Whitepapers .

Commentary (Where did we put that soapbox?) – Objectivity (but not accuracy) usually takes a back seat to the author’s opinion.  Do you not like the fact that the filing window overlaps spring break? Neither does Cathy.  Do you appreciate Sen. Rockefeller for championing the E-rate program? So does Peter.  Do you support Digital Learning Day? Nick loves Digital Learning Day.  Examples of commentary include new website design announcements, radio appearances, FFL comments to the FCC, and E-rate policy proposals.

Bonus: Blog (Mad libs, tape dispensers, book reports, turkey costumes)The blog is light on E-rate, and heavy on Funds For Learning. The blog highlights the people, the culture, the GuideMarks, and all of the quirky shenanigans that should be shared, just not on the front page of the website.  Examples of blogs include employee anniversaries, NCAA bracket challenges, FFL Olympics, and the Funds For Learning GuideMarks.

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