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Applicants Voice Support, Frustrations

On July 12, 2018, Funds For Learning officially submitted the 2018 E-rate Trends Report to the FCC. Based on data from a survey of more than 1,000 applicants, a key element of the report is the 329 unfiltered comments provided by respondents. More than just statistics, these remarks reflect the raw opinions and experience of school and library participants. 

Below are sample statements that reflect a cross-section of the comments submitted: 

  • “E-rate funding is vital to our districts. Without E-rate funding we would be unable to continue providing high quality Internet access to our schools.” (#47)
  • “It is the only way we can afford to provide reliable Internet to our students.” (#119)
  • “Full funding of this program is vital to our rural school districts in Minnesota.” (#68)
  • “Our Library would not be able to provide Internet services to the public without E-rate!!” (#154)
  • “The application process is getting better and responses are timelier than in the past.” (#10)
  • “The phase down of telecom has been a big issue in our school system. In my opinion, this needs to be re-evaluated.” (#252)
  • “Redesign EPC Portal to be more user-friendly.” (#184)
  • “The next five-year cycle of C2 funding support needs to be approved so we can start planning.” (#248)
  • “Category 2 budget by district would be so helpful.” (#24)
All E-rate stakeholders are encouraged to download the report, today, and read the comment section, pages 25-41. Hearing directly from E-rate participants is an ideal way to understand the importance of the E-rate, as well as the opportunities for improvement in its regulation and administration.
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