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FCC Seeks Comment on Form 470 and Form 471 Revisions

The FCC is seeking comment on possible revisions to the Form 470 and Form 471 to help streamline the process and to update the forms based on current rules and regulations. The Form 470 is the E-rate procurement vehicle that starts the 28-day competitive bidding clock and the Form 471 is the form where applicants request a dollar amount for their project, identify their service providers and provide school lunch information in order for the SLD to validate their discount rate.

The proposed changes include:

  • eliminating questions that are no longer useful;
  • limiting data collection to information that is not already available through other USAC forms or review processes;
  • requiring information about the current number of broadband connections and their speeds;
  • requiring the Item 21 attachment be filed within the filing window;
  • gathering specific information about the type of entity filling out the forms and/or applying for E-rate funding; and
  • updating to reflect changes in program rules and citations.


The FCC is specifically seeking comment on whether the Item 21 attachment should be received before the Form 471 window closes. However, the FCC also stated in the public notice that they recognize “…that the practice has been to allow Item 21 attachments to be filed after the filing window has closed.” They would like to hear comments from stakeholders about the practical implications of changing the timeframe.

Comments are due: July 30, 2010

The FCC Public Notice can be viewed: FCC Public Notice
The Draft Form 470 Form can be viewed: Draft Form 470 Form
The Draft Form 470 Instructions can be viewed: Draft Form 470 Instructions
The Draft Form 471 Form can be viewed: Draft Form 471 Form
The Draft Form 471 Instructions can be viewed: Draft Form 471 Instructions

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