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FY 2014 Priority One Demand Analysis

Historic change is coming to E-rate program. The FCC is considering proposals to reform and modernize the E-rate, bringing about the most significant changes to the program since its inception. To help the FCC and other stake holders make informed decisions about the future shape of the program, Funds For Learning has prepared a detailed analysis of FY2014 school demand for telecommunications and Internet discounts. Our Funding Year 2014 School Applicant Demand Analysis, dated May 16, 2014, is arranged in a format similar to the Funding Year 2013 report that we previously submitted to the FCC.

The analysis is based on a review of all FY 2014 E-rate applications submitted by schools and school districts. Information is presented in helpful charts and tables grouped by various criteria:

  • By state, location type and applicant size
  • By applicant discount rate and per student expenditure levels

During the coming weeks, Funds For Learning will release further detailed analysis of the Funding Year 2014 applications on our web site. The demand analysis report is available to download here.

Further detailed analysis reports for FY 2014:

FY 2014 Demand Analysis: Part 1 – State-to-State Comparisons

FY 2014 Demand Analysis: Part 2 – Impact of Discount Rates on P1 Services

FY 2014 Demand Analysis: Part 3 – Impact of Size on P1 Expenses

FY 2014 Demand Analysis: Part 4 – Looking for Trends within the Trends

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